Hanover is a district of Brighton on the eastern hills above the Level.  Looking from the top you can see to Stanmer Park in the north and swinging anticlockwise around the horizon;  the Patcham windmill,  the power station at Shoreham and past the Palace Pier to the sea beyond Daltons Beach.

Looking into and around the City, the spires of St Pauls, St Nicholas, St Michaels, St Bartholomews,  St Peters and St Lukes; as well as the Brighton Centre, the Theatre Royal, the Pavillion Gardens, North Laine and the railway Station can all be easily picked out.

This map of the area was produced for the now defunct Hanovernet website.  Hope they don’t mind me using it.

Hanover was traditionaly bounded by Southover Street and Islingword Road, but is now  accepted to include all of the land between Albion Hill and Elm Grove (and this is the general boundary used in this blog).  The Ward boundary of Hanover and Elm Grove stretches beyond this from Albion Hill in the south to Bear Road in the north.

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