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Look – We Made a Zebra!

Getting ready for the Hanover Streets are for Sharing event on Sunday (see last post for more info).

The day will involve a street opening (or street closure if you will) at Grove Street which will be filled with activity of many sorts, and a series of events in the Hanover Centre building and garden.  To get from one part of the event to the other involves crossing Southover Street, and to make things a bit easier all round, someone suggested a Zebra (crossing that is).

A trip to the pound shop, the hardware store and the spray paint shop and presto! Our trial run today – ably assisted by a passing oompa loompa – went well, though we need to wind proof it a bit more. The important bit is that cars all stopped as if it was the real thing!

Do come along on Sunday and give it a go. See this facebook place for more information

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