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Look – We Made a Zebra!

Getting ready for the Hanover Streets are for Sharing event on Sunday (see last post for more info).

The day will involve a street opening (or street closure if you will) at Grove Street which will be filled with activity of many sorts, and a series of events in the Hanover Centre building and garden.  To get from one part of the event to the other involves crossing Southover Street, and to make things a bit easier all round, someone suggested a Zebra (crossing that is).

A trip to the pound shop, the hardware store and the spray paint shop and presto! Our trial run today – ably assisted by a passing oompa loompa – went well, though we need to wind proof it a bit more. The important bit is that cars all stopped as if it was the real thing!

Do come along on Sunday and give it a go. See this facebook place for more information

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Hanover Gets About

Last September the council did a lot of doorknocking around here, asking us questions on local transportish things.   Below are some snippets which struck me and the link to the full report is at the foot of this post.

The full summary of the report findings is available here

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Road Opened

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