Streets are for Sharing a bit more

Back in September, we did this:

The day included a ‘play street’ street closure (the first to take place in Brighton we think), and information stalls and activities on the street and in the Hanover Centre. Part of the plan for the day was to start a conversation – to get friends, neighbours and Hanover folk in general talking about our streets and how we want them to be.

During the day we tried out different ways to find out what people thought.

We left questions on the street….

… we dished out postcards for general comments, and we showed some films and talked some more in the Hanover Centre after the Play Street part had finished.

All of the words have been summarised, put on a pdf and can be downloaded here.

At the end of the day, everyone still around agreed that we should all meet and talk about ideas some more – see what we could take from the day and how it could be turned into action.  This meeting is on Friday (October 12th) 7.30 pm at the Hanover Centre.

Hope you can come

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