The main thing about the Streets are for sharing streetparty on Sunday was Fun. As well as this though, it was a chance to find out a bit about what people thought of the area and how it could/should/might be.

Inspired by this project from Candy Chang, one way of finding things out was a series of questions posted on laminated sheets along Grove Street and in the immediate area.

Here’s what people thought.

On Hanover Streets

“I would like streets in Hanover to be…car free, no cars, safe

“I would like to be able to…. scoot …. on Hanover Streets”

“I want to see… lots of people … on Hanover Streets”

On ‘my’ Street

“I would like my Street to be… a place to play, a place to park, a box, awesome

“I would like to be able to… be happy …on my street”

” I want to see… Old people and children, sunflowers, Russell Howard, less rubbish, wolves, The Fish of Aberdeen (a band), sharing, cakes … on my street”

On this Street (Grove Street)

“I would like to be able to… walk freely on the road, party, very fun fireworks …on this street”

“I would like this street be… car free!!, full of trees, fun, resident parking, safe, one-way, sunnier, child friendly

“I want to see… street play, more trees, horses and sheep, happyness, people smiling and chatting, butterflies, seagulls, flowers, look round and do things and walk, guinea pigs, penguins, pies… on this street”

Not sure about the wolves, but this mostly seems a reasonable batch of aspirations. Gathered from a few on a happy day it  doesn’t form a representative manifesto for the area, but there are themes with broader resonance, and the enthusiasm for the event and keenness shown to do it again sometime back up the organisers initial notions: that streets are for sharing, and Hanover is more than a car park.

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