Green Streets of Hanover

It is the warm, wet weather, or is austerity Brighton encouraging the council to go easy on the weedkilller? A combination of both probably, and the result is increasingly verdant and varied streets, being rapidly colonised by a rich diversity of plant life. There is strength in nature: it will take back the concrete at great pace when given the chance. This is a positive thing.

These pictures were taken on a short walk along two streets in Hanover. B&H Council – whatever it is you are not doing; please keep on not doing it!

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One response to “Green Streets of Hanover

  1. Mark Strong

    Get you point but over the not very long term this sort of growth (when in the middle of a pavement) will make it harder & harder to walk, not exactly the sort of thing we want. The roots of weeds can push up paving slabs, allowing water to get in & in the winter this can cause frost damage.

    There’s also the effect on drainage, which isn’t good – try cycling along Queens Park Terrace towards the Pepperpot after it’s rained!

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