Lost in a carpark called Hanover

Parking in Hanover has now reached such straits that we might need a service to help owners find their cars again. Its not that folk here are extra forgetful or just too drunk… its that parking has become so pressured that it is usual to cruise around the area looking for a space in any one of the near identical streets which make up the neighbourhood, and especially if your car is shared between drivers passing on its location is vital

This flyer turned up on all of the cars in my street – not through the letterboxes – just on the cars. Expecting an internet based/GSM tracking system or suchlike, it is a nice surprise to see that the service is almost a piece of art; looks like a framed map to hang on the wall, with a little motif to place on the map representing your motor – low tech, quite like it.

From the high hills of Hanover you can see the minarets of the Royal Pavilion and you are in the closest free parking area to the city centre.  Having recently turned down a resident parking scheme proposal, the situation on the ground is primed to get even tighter as residents battle with commuters and second cars from other zones.

This was a real lost opportunity – instead of trying to create a green, sustainable and people friendly neighbourhood we have condemned our streets to being the biggest carpark in town. Car Locator, and its higher tech successors to assist in the battle for the spaces might be the shape of things to come.

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